Week 3 Results

The “A” meets held on July 6, 2024 included an exhilarating showcase of talent and competitive spirit across all divisions. In Division A, Wenonah narrowly edged out Greenwood Park with a final score of 283 to 271, while Erlton triumphed over Deerbrook with the same score of 283 to 271, demonstrating the high level of competition. Division D saw Tenby Chase dominate Stratford with a commanding score of 327 to 227, and Downs Farm emerged victorious against Gibbstown with a score of 299 to 253. In Division B, Green-Fields showcased their prowess by winning against Pheasant Run with a score of 307 to 247.

In Division C, Sunnybrook claimed victory over Haddon Glen with a score of 293 to 260, while Woodstream dominated Brookside with a substantial margin, finishing 403 to 151. Wexford Leas emerged victorious against Cherry Valley with a commanding score of 372 to 181. Division E had Whitman Square secure a win against Tavistock Hills with a score of 301 to 253, and Barclay Farm triumphed over Georgetown with a close score of 284 to 265. Division F featured Haddontowne defeating Gloucester with a score of 286 to 233, and Woodbine narrowly edged out Charleston with a score of 275 to 274.

The atmosphere throughout the meets was charged with excitement, as intense races and close finishes highlighted the exceptional performances of all teams. Each division brought its own set of thrilling moments, making the event a memorable experience for swimmers and spectators alike. For detailed meet results, you can access the you can view the division results.

Top times for relays and individuals have also been updated.

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