2022 “B” Meet Schedule Posted

The meet schedule for the 2022 “B” meets is posted. A lot of time went into the schedule so thanks to those who put it together. If you have questions about the schedule or notice an error please email admin@tricoswim.org.

2022 “A” Meet Schedule Posted

The dual meet schedule for the 2022 summer season has been posted. The schedule is mostly identical to 2021 but the home/away locations have been swapped. Please review the schedule for your team and email he Tri-County Admin with any issues you see. The only divisions that are different are …

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2022 Burt German TC Champs Qualifying Times

The qualifying times for the 2022 Burt German Tri-County Championships are posted. The meet will be hosted by the Woodcrest Swim Club this year and will take place on August 6-7. More information about the meet will be posted soon. 2022 TCC Qualifying Times