COVID-19 Update

Dear Tri-County Swimming Family,

We hope you are well as we all adjust our normal activities due to COVID-19. At this time of year, the normal activities for the Tri-County Swimming volunteers include planning for the upcoming season, including dual meets and the Burt German Championship Meet. Actually, championship planning started in October – hosting 1,200 swimmers and over 1,800 fans for two days takes a lot of work.

To safeguard the health of the swimmers and everyone involved in and attending the meet, Tri-County Swimming will not hold the 2020 Burt German Championship Meet which was to be hosted by Woodcrest Swim Club. This difficult decision was made from a public health standpoint, and with consideration of the large number of attendees in close proximity to each other. In addition, the championship meet requires significant time, talent and treasure for the host club and the league. Given the uncertainty and severity of the epidemic, we did not think it was responsible to conduct a championship meet.

Please note that this message pertains only to the championship meet. A championship meet requires resources on a very different scale than that of a dual meet. Tri-County Swimming is working on different scenarios for dual meets and will release information in the next few weeks. Tri-County Swimming member clubs should make their own decisions regarding their operations and activities this summer, based upon government and health department guidelines and the desire of their membership.

Tri-County Swimming thanks Woodcrest Swim Club for all of their planning and effort. We look forward to celebrating our swimmers when Woodcrest hosts the 2021 championship meet next year.

Swimmingly yours,

Tri County Swimming Pool Association Executive Board

Janet Mee, President
Alisia Shein, Vice-President
Clif Quay, Treasurer
Tom Balderstone, Secretary
David Katz, Swimming Coordinator